Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom E3 2018 Trailer

Monster Boy E3 Trailer Premiere

Dear Monster Boy fans, friends and followers,

today is a very special day for the whole team! We can finally reveal a brand new trailer and it includes material of the final game! No work in progress, no placeholders - this is how the game will look like when you get your hands on it later this summer!

It's been a long journey. We devoted 4 years of our lives to create a truly enjoyable love letter to classic gaming, never shy of implementing new ideas and fun mechanics in order to deliver a product that we can all be proud of. As a passionate player, you deserve nothing less.

We're very excited to hear back your opinions after you watched the trailer and hope that you like what you see. Will you join Jin on his quest to save Monster World Kingdom when the game releases on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4?