Kotaro Uchikoshi Announces AI: The Somnium Files for PS4, Switch and PC

About AI: The Somnium Files

At the Spike Chunsoft Anime Expo panel, Zero Escape series director / scenario writer Kotaro Uchikoshi unveiled AI: The Somnium Files, set for a worldwide release on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam! The game will take place in a more technologically-advanced Tokyo, Japan. The first teaser trailer introduced detective Kaname Date. Yusuke Kozaki (Fire Emblem Awakening, No More Heroes) is the lead character designer for the title.

About the Director

A director and scenario writer, his skills shine in his adventure titles, such as the Zero Escape series (including the award-winning Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors), Punch Line, and Ever17: The Out of Infinity. He is well-known for his unconventional plot twists and offbeat humor and has been actively working on many genres, many games, and many stories.


Release Date: TBD
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Switch, PC
Players: One player
Genre: Adventure
Languages: English text, Japanese audio / English audio