SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Features Trailer


The King of Fighters is a martial arts tournament held by the millionaire, Antonov. This year’s tournament ended with a spectacular battle. But a few months later…

“It’s no use trying to escape. If you pests want free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory.”


“Everything is going according to plan. I just need to leech off the fear of two more people and my goal will be completed...”


• Athena Asamiya
• Kula Diamond
• Mai Shiranui
• Nakoruru
• Leona Heidern
• Yuri Sakazaki
• Shermie
• Sylvie Paula Paula
• Zarina
• Love Heart
• Mian
• Luong
• Mui Mui


Claim victory with your favorite heroines in two-on-two tag matches where no command inputs are needed. Unleash multiple moves from a single button.

Use your Spirit Gauge to perform special moves. But when it’s low, moves will be weaker. When that happens, switch with your partner.

Get an edge by grabbing items. Use them well to get an edge.

When the opponent’s Life Gauge is red, that’s your chance to use your Dream Finish and end the battle.


Customize your heroine with three unique costumes per character. Enjoy whichever one you like best. There are four different voice sets for each character and over 140 accessories to customize them with. Even have them post for photo shoots with special backgrounds and stamps unlocked with in-game currency earned by fighting.

Online Play

Up to eight players can join in a Room Match. Players can earn more in-game currency with Quick Match.