Exploration Adventure Game Lost Ember Launches July 19, Adds Switch Version

Exploration-Adventure "Lost Ember" announces release date and Switch release in gorgeous new trailer

Lost Ember, kickstarted in 2016 and since highly anticipated exploration adventure, finally has a release date. Neatly wrapped up in a brand-new trailer, the developer announces the release for July 19th of this year and also promises an unannounced additional platform: The Nintendo Switch, that so many fans had been asking about ever since the Switch took off. Lost Ember is also coming to Windows PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Developer Mooneye Studios had to move the release twice since the Kickstarter in October 2016, so finally being able to announce an actual date is a relief for both, the team, and the community, who have been waiting so patiently for years. "We have the loveliest, most patient and kind community I could have dreamt up. I can still hardly believe they're for real." says Producer, Sinikka Compart, smiling from ear to ear "and very soon, we will finally be able to give back to our community". On top of that, they've been able to do some testing on the side to find out if the Switch release, that so many had been asking for, would be doable for the small team of 5. And results are in: Lost Ember is going to release on it's 4th platform, the Nintendo Switch, as well as PC, PS4 and XBox One, even though Switch might not come with the initial release in July, the developer adds.

Lost Ember lets you explore ancient ruins and forgotten memories as a wolf with the ability to possess any animal you meet to find out what happened to humankind and your trusted spirit companion in a past life.