Hardcore Mecha PlayStation China Hero Project Spring Showcase Trailer

Hardcore Mecha Overview

Mufei and his lads and ladies founded the studio called Rocket Punch Games. This name is inspired by a very famous move from a retro Japanese mecha animation last Century. What they are doing now is the game called Hardcore Mecha. This title already attracted a lot of attention worldwide. Right now, it will be released on PlayStation 4 with brand new contents.

Their team is full of passion and clear objectives. You may realize this once you step into their “hideout” location in downtown Beijing. Everyone including Mufei clearly knows what kind of game they want to develop, that is to control the mecha you prefer and fight against each other. They even rewrote a part of engine add-ons to make sure the game can have more seamless animation performance.

To Mufei himself, he always forces himself to work with the team by using the highest criteria, also he’s lucky to have this team that everyone is a veteran and agrees with his idea, this is probably the reason Hardcore Mecha can attract so many attentions. In the predictable future, this title is absolutely the one for fans who love super robot games.