Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Battle Gameplay Trailer ~ PC & Switch

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission - How to Play

We are happy to share with you today a trailer, unveiling further details about the gameplay of upcoming title Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission.

The trailer introduces the main modes contained within the game, including:

Story Mode - Featuring an original story with all-new protagonists

Arcade Mode - Featuring a number of challenges for players to test their skills

Network Battle - Allowing players to face their friends or compete against players across the world

Creation Mode - Where players can create their own unique cards and missions

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is a card battle game featuring fighters from across all the Dragon Ball universes, transformations never seen before, and a brand-new character designed by Toyotarou, the illustrator of the manga Dragon Ball Super.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission will be available for the Nintendo Switch and PC Digital on Friday 5th April, 2019.