Psychonauts 2 E3 2019 Trailer, Publishing Rights Signed to Microsoft

Starbreeze assigns all Publishing rights for Psychonauts 2 to Microsoft Corporation

Starbreeze and Microsoft Corporation has signed an agreement where Starbreeze assigns all publishing rights, related agreements and commitments for the title, to Microsoft receiving 13.2 MUSD.

Starbreeze acquired the publishing rights for Double Fine’s “Psychonauts 2” in 2017 with a commitment to invest 8 MUSD for the development of the title.

As previously announced, Starbreeze will focus on its core business of games development and publishing.

“As we continue the work of securing long-term financing for Starbreeze, it’s extremely important that we find the best possible structure for the company in the long run. Although we see the Publishing unit as part of the core business, it is a cash intense business and requires continuous investments to enable the products to be launched successfully. We definitely want to continue being a best in class Publishing partner for external studios in the future, but our main focus right now is to secure the continued operations of the internal games development and self-publishing units”, said Mikael Nermark, acting Starbreeze CEO.