Turn-Based Tactical RPG The Last Spell Announced for Switch and PC

About The Last Spell

What if Final Fantasy Tactics and Dynasty Warriors had an illegitimate daughter?

The Last Spell is a turn-based tactical RPG immersed in roguelite mechanics in which you lead a team of hardened heroes to defend the last bastion of humanity against hordes of monsters.

A Dark Fantasy Tactical RPG with Roguelite Elements

This is the end. War and a bunch of crazy mages provoked The Cataclysm. A mysterious mist filled with hellish monsters enveloped most of the world. They said that those who entered the mist were killed, driven mad, or even turned into monstrous abonimations themselves. Only a few Havens keep up the fight against the Hordes of bloodthirsty monsters that come out at night from this strange purple mist.

Days were quiet and peaceful: they could take time to organize themselves, heal their wounds and search the surroundings for anything useful. But the nights… The mist thickened and from their bowels unleashes hordes of mutated monsters, craving for blood and magic.

In this glorious mix of pixel art and dark fantasy setting, you lead a group of hardened warriors whose only purpose in life is to desperately defend the last of the mages while they try to cast The Last Spell, and banish all magic from this world. And maybe save us all. Maybe.

Key Features

Turn-Based Tactics:

• Manage your squad of hardened heroes.
• Scarce resources: use Mana wisely to survive.
• Class-less skill trees and bonus perks.

Hordes of Evil:

• Tons of enemies to slay, burn, shock and slice!
• Dozens of enemy types with different behaviors.
• Impressive skills to help you slaughter ’em all.

Protect the City:

• Rebuild a safe Haven from the remains of civilization.
• Build walls, traps and watchtowers.
• Protect the circle of magic at all costs!

Roguelite Elements:

• You will fail… but every time you do, you’ll grow stronger.
• Procedurally-generated enemy waves, maps, characters, and weapons.
• Nasty bosses.