Roguelite Dungeon Crawler Sword of the Necromancer Announced for Switch & PC

About Sword of the Necromancer

What would you do to bring back someone you love?

Help Tama to save Koko using the powers of the forbidden Sword of the Necromancer. Reach the depths of the dungeon, defeat the 5 guardians and the Necromancer itself to gain enough soul power to bring Koko back from the dead, no matter the cost.

Key Features

Turn your foes into allies: use the Sword of the Necromancer to revive defeated monsters and make them fight alongside you.

Gather weapons and relics: each weapon is different from the others thanks to the procedural weapon generation system, which gives it different effects and attributes.

Fight with all your might: defeat your enemies using a variety of weapons and objects and dominating the agile head-to-head battle system.

Level up: enhance your character by fighting enemies and upgrade your stats.

Each try gets you closer to the Necromancer. Death is not the end: you will lose all your equipped weapons and monsters, but you will retain half the level you achieved in your run. Also, you can choose to exit the dungeon at some moments, losing all your level progress but maintaining all your equipment.