Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Buu Arc Screens and New RPG Mechanics Detailed

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot - New RPG Mechanics

Two new RPG mechanics have been revealed for upcoming Action RPG, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Community Board and Training Grounds.

Below you can find more information about each, alongside new screenshots from the Buu Arc.

Community Board

• When completing quests for certain characters, or passing distinct points in the storyline, you will earn Soul Emblems (each representing a character from the Dragon Ball universe)

• After assigning these Soul Emblems on your Community Board – you’ll be able to activate them in combination with each other, to earn special bonuses and power-ups

• Combining different characters with each other also unlocks exclusive dialogue between those characters

Training Grounds

• Training Grounds are found across different areas, and enable you to fight against Z Warriors or enemies you’ve fought in the past – or against yourself

• By clearing the training you will learn new Super Attacks, or power up existing Super Attacks (such as turning your regular Kamehameha into Super Kamehameha)

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 17th 2020.