Nintendo Just Published The Stretchers for Switch, From Little Nightmares Developer

Help is at hand

Dash across the map and rescue wobbly citizens in wacky ways in The Stretchers on Nintendo Switch! Team up with a friend and let the frantic fun ensue as you avoid traps and solve puzzles while helping those who need a hand!

Co-medic chaos

Rescue injured civilians, known as Dizzies, from all kinds of bizarre situations! Drive to each scene in your ambulance – but be prepared, it won’t be a smooth ride. Break through walls, soar through the sky and face other wild perils on your way to each rescue!

Once you arrive at a scene, find as many Dizzies as you can and bring them back to the ambulance. Together, you’ll need to pile Dizzies up on your stretcher – or grab them by the limbs – and head back to your trusty vehicle, dodging dangers and cracking conundrums along the way. Move furniture to block zapping lasers, use wrecking balls to destroy walls, and more! If solo lifting’s your thing, go right ahead – but keep in mind, many hands make lighter work.

When everyone’s ready to go, hurtle across town in another thrill-filled road trip to a machine called the De-Dizzler 3000 in order to cure the rescued Dizzies!

Stick around

Found all the Dizzies in a scene? Great! Before you decide to hit the gas though, you may want to snoop around to earn achievements and find the bonus treasures tucked away in each Rescue Mission. Doing so will net you a higher mission score, as well as fill up your Sticker Book with…well…stickers! Can you collect ‘em all?

Four-wheel fun

Luckily for you, the ambulance won’t take damage from any knocks and bumps, and it can even be powered-up with some nifty upgrades. Cut corners by gliding through the air, sailing through seas, or simply speed-boosting over the land!

Tackle Upgrade Missions with each upgrade you unlock by outracing emails that zip across telephone lines! While one player grabs the wheel, the other makes use of the flashy new gizmo to reach the goal first.

Make your medic your own

Customise your medic from the very start, and unlock more hats and outfits along the way via Side Missions. These range from sawing down trees to building ramps, blowing up rocks with fireworks, and even games of hide-and-seek! You can also customise your Home Base with all kinds of furniture elements, like an Arcade Machine that lets you replay missions to find those missed treasures and earn that perfect score.