Woben Launching for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC on November 15

Marvel at the Whimsy of this Wondrous Woolen World

Indie developer, Alterego Games, and publisher, StickyLock, have today announced that their exciting new title, Woven, coming to Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms on November 15th, will be priced at €19.99 / $19.99 / £19.99 across all platforms at launch.

In Woven, players assume the role of Glitch, a metal robotic Firefly and on your travels, you encounter an elephant called Stuffy and together explore a seemingly safe knitted world where stuffed animals live. Customize Stuffy by changing his body parts, which can help in solving puzzles. Together confront the metal mechanical menace that lurks below the world's soft and fluffy exterior and unravel the mystery of Glitch’s origin and discover things both amazing and terrifying, that binds the fate of the unlikely duo.

"To know that Woven will soon be springing to life on everyone’s screen is very exciting. The team and I have worked for years to create something unique, yet appealing, that invites players to explore and question the world we’ve created. It is an incredible milestone on our studio's journey to create more colourful and engaging games". - Vincent da Silva Creative Director

Key Features

• A fantastically grumpy storyteller tells a deep and rich story in rhymes.

• An epic bed-time story for everyone that’s still in touch with their inner child.

• A casual, but challenging and rewarding title for those that want to discover it all.

• Character-customisation is key to solving puzzles.

• A dynamic soundtrack making the world of Woven come alive, by composer Vortigon.

• Colourful, beautiful, and very detailed 3D world, with a dark and ominous past.

• Discover the world, the mystery at your own pace.

• Detailed and adorable cute creatures, all in fear for their lives.

Deep Fabric Customisation

Finding and combining the right blueprints is a major part of gameplay in Woven. Players will face lots of obstacles in Woven which can only be solved through customising Stuffys limbs. Find blueprints of different animal types, scan them, and reknit Stuffy so that he may overcome hurdles and challenges. The possibilities are endless; after all - elephant legs may be strong, but rabbit legs would allow you to jump!

Why is Stuffy all alone? Why is Glitch here, and why is this land being invaded by monstrous metal machines?

Unravel the mystery November the 15th!