Hero Must Die. Again Coming West for PS4, Switch and PC in Spring 2020

Hero must die. Again Coming Spring 2020!

You are the hero, your last memory is fighting with the demon Guile and felling it, thus saving your world. However, you seem to have died in the process and now you cannot remember her, the one for which you went alone to fight the demon. Due to your great deed, the gods have given you five more days to put your affairs in order, but time will quickly take its toll and you will grow weaker as the days pass.
Good luck in finding out what happened!

From renowned creator Shoji Masuda (Linda³, Oreshika) comes an epic anti-RPG about aging and death. A full localization and brush-up of a game only available until now in Japan on PS Vita.

Key Features

• Fantasy anti-RPG where the hero starts at his strongest, and grows weaker as time passes

• Over 50 different funeral (endings) depending on what the hero accomplished

• 8 unique heroines to woo, each with their own personalities and motivations.

Visit the world you have just saved, and resolve remaining problems to lead it to the best possible future

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