Konami’s Solomon Program Officially Confirmed For Switch

Solomon Program Announced by Konami as a New Strategy RPG with Monster Battles

Konami announced a new Switch game with monster battles called Solomon Program (tentative) via CoroCoro.

A special manga debuts in the next issue of CoroCoro sister magazine Mira Coro Comic on January 17. The magazine also includes a code for a demo.

Solomon Program has strategy RPG-style battles. It features monsters you battle through programs.

Here’s a sneak peek at the manga by Ametarou:

The Manga protagonist named “Beta”

This is a mysterious monster called “Gishiki” that Beta encounters

What kind of protagonist is Beta? What exactly is the sinister-looking Gishiki who wields a giant spear? And what about the story? The Mira Coro issue will have more details.

Solomon Program is in development for Nintendo Switch.