Shovel Knight Dig Launches in 2021, Hive Knight Introduced

Shovel Knight Dig: Introducing Hive Knight!

What’s up Diggities! Development on Shovel Knight Dig is going well, with new enemies, objects, and areas being developed and polished every day! We’ve been iterating on the upgrades and items that will affect your gameplay each run, as well as fleshing out the story and characters you’ll meet on this new adventure.

In that spirit, we’d like to present to you another member of the Hexcavators – Hive Knight!

This bug-loving spelunker is never to be found without his loyal Beeto partner at his side. With the power of their teamwork, as well as some specially-modified armor, Hive Knight has the capability to fly and battle just like an insect! Hive Knight is sure to ‘bug’ Shovel Knight when the blue burrower dares set foot in their Entomological enclave.

Shovel Knight Dig won’t be arriving until next year, but we assure you that it will be well worth the wait. Keep your antennae in the air for more updates as the game progresses. Until then, check out our Press Kit for everything that’s been shared so far!