EvilvEvil is Free-to-Play, Developer Diary

Today EG7 presents more information about the own FPS-title EvilvEvil.

Enad Global 7 (EG7) releases more information about the title EvilvEvil today. EvilvEvil is a co-op first-person vampire shooter by Toadman Studios and will be supported by creative agency Petrol, both companies of the EG7 group. The game has a player-directed, continuously updated storyline where players can cooperate online to progress through the story. The title is scheduled for release in H2 2020.

The update mainly concerns actual sequences from the game, so called gameplay, and has been published on Toadman Studios’ social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. A new video on the game has also been published.

Comment by Robin Flodin, CEO of EG7:

“EvilvEvil is one of our biggest investments to date. With an interesting concept and a unique art-style, we believe that the title complements our game portfolio perfectly.”