Beyond Good & Evil Movie Coming to Netflix

Detective Pikachu Director and Netflix Tackling Beyond Good & Evil Adaptation

Cult Ubisoft video game Beyond Good & Evil is getting the movie treatment at Netflix.

Rob Letterman, who directed Pokemon Detective Pikachu and Goosebumps, is on board to helm the adaptation that will be a hybrid live-action/animated feature.

Jason Altman and Margaret Boykin for Ubisoft Film & Television are producing.

Beyond takes place in the 25th century on a remote mining planet that is under alien attack. The military rulers that promised to defend the population may be in league with the invaders. In this environment, a young photojournalist named Jade is recruited to be part of an underground resistance movement.

The game was launched in 2003 to decidedly mixed results. It was a nominee for game of the year even as it was a failure when it was released, and a hoped for trilogy never materialized. However, over the years it developed a cult following and in 2017 Ubisoft announced a prequel was in the works.

Netflix’s adaptation is in early development and a search for writers to adapt the game is underway.

Letterman got his start in animation and visual effects, making his feature debut co-directing DreamWorks Animation’s Shark Tale then co-helming the company’s Monsters vs. Aliens. He made his live-action debut with Gulliver’s Travels, the Jack Black comedy that leaned heavily on his special effects talents.

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