Dual Gear Launches in Early Access for PC on July 29; PS4, Xbox One & Switch in 2021

Dual Gear coming to Steam Early Access this July and going for Nintendo Switch Next Year!

Title: Dual Gear
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
Platform: Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Developer: Orbital Speed Studio
Publisher: Orbital Speed Studio, Corecell Technology
Early Access Release Date: 29th July 2020
Full Release Date: 2021

Dual Gear, The Tactical Action Turn-Based Mech Combat, preparing to launch on Steam Early Access on July 29th, 2020! And the announcement of the new publisher for all console platforms included!

From the small Indie Game Studio based in Bangkok, Orbital Speed Studio. Four years after the success of the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. It’s time to bring out the spirit of The Classical Turn-Based Mecha Game on the public release via Steam Early Access!

Dual Gear is the combination between 3D Mech Action Shooting and Turn-Based Strategy Game inspired by the various Classical Japanese Mech Games. With the brand new features to go beyond the traditional retro-mech games. Dual Gear engaged the player to pilots their mechs with the Real-Time Action Shooting while experiencing in the high pressure of Tactical Turn-Based Layers!

Dual Gear comes to Steam Early Access this July 29th, 2020 for the PC version first. And also, coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch next year with the New Publisher, Corecell Technology. The veteran company experienced in production and publishing many console games over ten years!

Key Features

• Experiencing in The Mech Action Shooting in The Combat Mode! Real-Time control your ordering unit with the multiple types of weapons! SMGs, Missiles, and Melee Devices are available for you! Be careful! Every move wouldn't let you all to take a breath! The Aggressive Real-Time enemies are waiting to blow you out every turn. Let start training the test drive before the mission!

• Manage the team with The Turn-Based Layer! Do it through the extremely high angle map called Tactical View. Before select the chosen unit to roll out, Let’s observing your contact zone and making efficient management via Turn-Based Combat Style!

• NEMOS Hangar is open now! Tune-Up your mechs with the maximum provided of parts and weapons! Buy, sell, and upgrade the components you want to build your perfect war machines! Your setting will directly affect to any mech performance and pilot style. Before getting into your briefing room, don’t forget to enjoy the coloring module. Spend time a bit to showing your idea on mech decoration work!

• Story-Driven with unique characters like an RPG element! Gain more EXP and WXP from the story mode to unleash their new skills and more pilot levels! The first act will available on the launch of Steam Early Access and more will become through the Early Access Updates!


The story of Dual Gear set in the future of the year 2069, 11 years after the Massive Orbital Incident (MOD). The world has changed to be the place of conflict that's happened anywhere. Under the orbit pollution effected from The MOD. UNR, the order consisted of eight powerful nations, starts to bring the new military used weapon called Dual Gear to join the defense of the earth from Watchmaker. Tensions between them almost to breaking point. The Cluster of Wars began scattering around the world.

After that, The Special Task Force, NEMOS established! Director Rangan gather some expert boys and girls to pilot The Dual Gear and joined the fight!

They want to stop the Cluster Wars and fight back The Watchmaker!