Degica Games and Mages. Announce Ogre Tale for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC

From the team at Mages. who brought you "Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds" comes a very new, very Japanese, very snarky swordfighting experience: Ogre Tale, available on Steam Thursday 8/20!

Degica Games is proud to announce the Mages.-developed 2D sprite-based beat-em-up action extravaganza, Ogre Tale, debuting on Steam Thursday, August 20th, with a 20% launch week discount! You won't want to miss the tale of three smart-mouthed ogre sisters and their cat mentor traversing modern Japan to thwart the wicked machinations of... one of Japan's greatest folk heroes?!

The Fracturedest of Fairytales!

Hundreds of years ago, there dwelled ogres alongside humankind. These ogres were known to cause no end of problems for the humans they came upon, leading them to be feared and hated, regarded as monsters and demons.

One day, a trio of soon-to-be folk heroes named Momotaro, Kintaro, and Issuntaro decided enough was enough, and set foot upon the land from whence the ogres came: Onigashima. Their goal was to confront the ogres on their own turf and take them down once and for all… and so they did.

After a long struggle, Momotaro and his crew successfully defeated the leader of the ogres: the beautiful yet dreaded Iroha (CV: Yukari Tamura). And with Iroha’s defeat, the ogres themselves fell to ruin, and peace once again reigned for humanity. Momotaro, Kintaro, and Issuntaro were heralded as heroes, and they all lived happily ever after…

Or did they?!

Tokyo, present day.

Iroha, having used an ancient technique for reincarnation upon herself just moments before her demise, has lived many lives in many forms. Finally, after nearly giving up hope, she discovers the last surviving ogres: a trio of sisters bearing the name of their ancient homeland, Onigashima. She (or, now, he, as a male cat) raises them as her/his own, strictly teaching them the ways of the sword so that one day, s/he may lead them into battle against Momotaro and reclaim the ogres’ rightful place in society.

And fortunately for them, Momotaro is indeed still out there! Specifically, a guy named Momotaro—who happens to be a 37th generation descendant of the original—just so happens to have been toiling day in and day out as a host in the red light district, and has finally reached his breaking point. He has PLANS now, and suffice it to say, they’re not exactly folk-heroic!

So, hey, this was supposed to just be a petty revenge story, but with Momotaro suddenly turning evil due to systemic depression, maybe the ogres can actually be the good guys this time around! Lucky… them, I guess?

What even IS this story, anyway?!


Playable Characters

Ran – The middle sister. Always has a sword at the ready. Innately controls fire, so many of her techniques are fire-related. More of a doer than a thinker, Ran is the type who will hit first and ask questions later. Comes across as stoic but reliable.

Hana – The eldest sister. Armed with a whip and a longbow. Don’t let her gentle voice and calm-seeming personality fool you: she’s 100 percent sadist. If you cross a line with her, she’ll mess you right up. Generally serious and confident, she’s nonetheless the voice of reason among the three.

Yume – The youngest sister. Outwardly flaunts her metal club, but also has bombs at the ready. Does not think things through, ever. She acts purely on instinct at all times. Educated through games and anime rather than textbooks, with expected results. Lures you in with her cuteness, but then absolutely demolishes you with words and weapons alike as you approach. Most definitely hazardous to your health.

Non-Playable Characters

Iroha – Legal (?) guardian of the three Onigashima sisters, and general chief of their operations. Possesses the reincarnated soul of the ogre leader who died hundreds of years prior. Struggles every day to raise his charges as true ogres, teaching them everything s/he knows. Yet, in the end, is still just a cat.

Momotaro – Momotaro the 37th (Momotaro XXXVII?). Presently works as the #1 host in Kabukicho. Though probably not for much longer, all things considered! Basically, he’s the last boss. He’s had enough of the host life, and now wants to try his hand at being a supervillain. Turns out, he’s well suited to the role!

And Many More, such as...

Tsuru no Ongaeshi – The Vengeful Crane.

Urashima Taro


Story Mode

Select from the three Onigashima sisters and challenge main missions and side missions as the tale progresses, leveling up and earning items and money (to spend on items via online shopping, of course!) that help teach you new skills and toughen your stats for the inevitable face-off against Momotaro! Between each mission, listen to witty and often fourth wall-breaking banter among the girls, their cat guardian Iroha, and a wide variety of villains. This story doesn’t take itself very seriously, and neither should you! Just kick back and enjoy the ride!

Cooperative Multiplayer

Up to three players at once can join the fray in this chaotic frenzy of a mode, wherein a number of enemies not seen anywhere else can be encountered, and a vast fortune can be earned through contiguous beatdowns and massively one-sided fights (I mean, it’s three of you against one boss enemy! OF COURSE you’re going to kick yokai tail!).