Shadow Man: Remastered Second Teaser Trailer

Overview of Shadow Man: Remastered

Shadow Man is the brave and powerful supernatural hero who protects humanity from the sinister demons that lurk in the Deadside and spill into our world. The Shadow Man video game was originally developed by Acclaim Studios and published for the PC, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast console in 1999. Considered a “lost classic” for years, the PC version of the game was published again in its original form by Nightdive Studios in 2014.

Now the title is being updated using Nightdive’s proprietary KEX engine which has been used to restore classic video games across all digital platforms including System Shock: Enhanced Edition, Turok, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, Blood: Fresh Supply, and Forsaken Remastered.

The Remastered version adds a host of features in addition to console support:

• 4K widescreen display
• Dynamic shadow mapping
• Dynamic per-pixel lighting
• Antialiasing, and other post-process effects
• Higher density of particle effects
• Refined art, audio, and assets
• Refined gameplay experience
• Reintroduction of missing content cut from the original game
• Xbox, PlayStation 4, Controller Pro support
• HDR Rendering