Song of Horror for PS4 and Xbox One Launches October 29

​​​​​​​2020 Gets Even Scarier: Survival-Horror Cult Hit “Song of Horror” Lurks Onto PS4 & Xbox One on October 29

Having kickstarted its movement to both refresh and honour the survival-horror genre last Halloween with the very first episode of Song of Horror on PC, Raiser Games and Protocol Games are utterly spooked to announce that the game will come to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as one single release on October 29th, 2020.

The release will comprise of all five episodes in one package, allowing console players to take on a thrilling paranormal story where the threat of The Presence, a dark entity that reacts to your way of playing, looms large throughout in one seamless flow ,celebrating the first anniversary of the game's debut - a title that’s been in development for more than six years in total.

Song of Horror sees players set out to investigate the mystery of the disappearance of famed but now elusive writer Sebastian P. Husher - a man who, along with his entire family, has vanished without a trace. Taking on any one of 13 different characters, Song of Horror is a Lovecraftian, third person adventure that pays homage to the classic masterpieces of the survival-horror genre.

"We have been blown away by the reception Song of Horror has had on PC, and now’s the time to broaden the game’s base and reach out to console players,” says studio co-founder Carlos Grupeli. “The survival-horror genre has such a history on both PlayStation and Xbox that it feels only right to bring our little ode to all that has gone before to an audience that truly appreciates real scares.”

At its heart, Song of Horror is a non-combat adventure where the focus instead is on running and hiding, staying silent in the midst of all the terror to avoid triggering unnerving manifestations, capable of bringing the game’s line-up to the brink of insanity. With the game’s ever-present foe The Presence keeping players on their toes from start to finish, Song of Horror’s mission to keep you severely spooked is one it never lets up on.