ANNO: Mutationem The Game Awards 2020 Limited-Time PC Demo Now Available

ANNO: Mutationem Playable Demo During TGA Steam Demo Festival

Hi Mutationites and new friends!

During the event of The Game Awards Steam Demo Festival, there is a free demo of ANNO: Mutationem available starting today on our Steam Store page!

The Demo features some gameplay where you can explore one of the many cities in the game, meet and interact the NPCs, experience the thrill of battles and get a glimpse of the story and mysteries (as well as some easter eggs, check them). Join our protagonist Ann and Ayane to explore this 2D – 3D cyberpunk world, unravelling the story behind it!

Now it is time to get your hands on the demo, and entre the world of ANNO: Mutationem, Enjoy! We look forward to hearing your thoughts!