Guilty Gear: Strive 'Anji Mito' Trailer

Anji Mito Overview

An elegant martial artist who dodges all with his dance.

Height: 183cm
Weight: 71kg
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: January 1
Birthplace: Japan
Hobbies: Investigating “That Man,” vigorous sports, traveling
Values: Faith, freedom
Dislikes: Amanojaku, fallacious arguments

He’s one of the few surviving Japanese people. He can be hot-blooded, acting on his intuition rather than reason.

It’s easy to recognize his actions as direct and lacking foresight, but he isn’t an optimist—he simply isn’t very careful.

Although he doesn’t go out of his way to preach his sense of justice to others, he openly shows his distaste for anything he considers warped or unfair.

It may seem at times as if he’s making fun of others, but he means it amicably.