Xbox Series X 'Lucid Odyssey' Ad Reveals that Master Chief is Actually a Space DJ Cat

Xbox Series X – Lucid Odyssey by Taika Waititi

Welcome to the dreams of MoonLiteWolf—all powered by her experience playing the Xbox Series X. This epic, dream-fueled journey will take you from the depths of her lucid imagination into the outskirts of space, with plenty of twists along the way.

To make this film, Oscar-winning director Taika Waititi used real dreams MoonLiteWolf had after playing the Xbox Series X. To capture MoonLiteWolf’s dreams, a method known as Targeted Dream Incubation was used. She was guided to a sleep state known as hypnagogia, which was tracked by the Hypnodyne (EEG) headband she was wearing. When she reached this state—known to feel like light sleep and even meditation—she was asked to recall her dreams.

Tapping into the state of hypnagogia is nothing new. Throughout history, several great minds have used it to inspire their thinking, including Aristotle, Thomas Edison, Edgar Allen Poe, and Mary Shelley.

Once MoonLiteWolf's dreams were recorded, renowned Director/Writer/Actor Taika Waititi brought them to life.

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