Certain Affinity Leading Development on Original New IP

A New Original IP Game & Lots of Hiring!

Today we’re excited to reveal that we’re leading development on a new original IP! Are we excited to take on a genre and style of game that we’ve always loved? Thrilled beyond words! Are we honored to be bringing this game to market? Indescribably so! Are there any other tantalizing details regarding this new venture? More than we can say! And we mean that quite literally: the particulars of this new game are still VERY much under wraps. All we can say for now is that this ambitious new project is the culmination of our goals to steadily and healthily grow a world-class team to create an original IP.

We’re led by Max Hoberman, our Founder and CEO, and the former Multiplayer and Online Lead for the Halo series, we have built an industry-leading team that has been going strong since 2006. With 250+ employees, we are the largest independent developer in Austin, Texas. Our company continues bringing together many of the most talented developers in Austin and at our sister studio in Toronto. We are hiring even more talented people in both locations to work on this new original IP, as well as for roles on our other AAA co-development projects.

“We have been building towards this project for the past few years. We’re thrilled to have signed an agreement to lead development on our most ambitious title to date. This game is our creative vision to lead and our team is exceptionally passionate about it.” – Max Hoberman – Founder and CEO, Certain Affinity

If you’re interested in making amazing, top quality games (such as this new IP) and working with some of the most experienced, talented, and nicest people in the industry, we have numerous positions open in Austin, Texas, in Toronto, Ontario, and are open to remote options as well. You can find more information about our open positions at certainaffinity.com/careers.