Survival Horror Game Dark Moonlight Announced for PC

Announcing Dark Moonlight, a survival horror game exploring the themes of human fears and phobias

Imagine living a life controlled by constant fear. Imagine being enslaved by phobias dictating what you can and cannot do. Picture yourself developing countless rituals intended to help you keep your fear under control, but which instead further enslaved you and only added to your burden. Imagine going to bed and waking up with mental pain that seems to grow and become more unbearable every day. Are you able to picture these things? Can you at least try to visualize what kind of a living hell this life must be? Rest assured that whatever you envision won’t come close to reality. Only then will you understand that you’d do anything and everything to make it all stop.

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About Dark Moonlight

Well, here you are, tired of the seemingly completely ineffective, vicious cycle of drugs-conventional therapy-drugs. Desperately looking for help, you’ve finally decided to undergo an experimental treatment, one that was supposed to be tested, effective, and 100% safe. At least, that’s what the doctors said. And it all seemed to be going well… until it wasn’t. Suddenly, you wake up in a strange place that somewhat resembles the reality you know but is twisted in terrifying, horrific ways. Now you have a choice. You can either try to face and overcome your fears by fighting whatever this hostile world throws at you, or withdraw into yourself, plunge into madness, and stay here forever.

Dark Moonlight is a survival horror game exploring the themes of human fears and phobias. Inspired by the Black Mirror TV series and games like Outlast, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill, the title will give gamers a chance to become Dave Kellerman, a man who decides to try an unconventional psychological treatment. Instead of releasing him from his phobias, the therapy forces him into an unknown world at the borders of reality and nightmare. To survive, David will have to put his fears and mental health aside. With limited means of defense, including weapons and ammo, and threatened by horrifying monsters and demons lurking in every corner, David will be challenged by clever puzzles his mind puts in front of him, trying to stop him from progressing. The question is – will he find the strength within himself to defeat the monsters, solve the puzzles, keep sane, and free himself from this horrific world?

Key Features

A captivating story exploring human fears and phobias - Join Dave Kellerman on his journey through his twisted mind.

A horrifyingly beautiful world - Explore a unique universe built of diversified locations differing in looks, atmosphere, and hidden threats.

Nightmarish monsters lurking in the dark - Face hair-rising creatures you’d rather never stumble upon. Kill them before they kill you, and remember that in this world, the filth that inhabits it can rise from the grave.

Twisted riddles and clever puzzles to solve - The human mind can be our best friend or worst enemy. Stay at the top of your game and use all your wits to keep progressing through the game.

A test of your survival skills - Weapons, ammo, first aid kits – all are extremely rare and incredibly hard to find. Make sure you ration them well once they come into your possession.

Dark Moonlight is being developed by Silent Bear Studio and will be published on PC by Black Rose Projects.