Mountain Climbing Adventure Roguelike Insurmountable Launches April 29 for PC, Later for PS4 and Xbox One

Discover your limits in the adventure roguelike “Insurmountable“

The mountain as an insurmountable hindrance: Adventure roguelike "Insurmountable" from German developer studio ByteRockers' Games will release on April 29, 2021, for PC on Steam at a reduced price of €17.99 / $17.99 USD / £17.99. Starting May 6, Insurmountable will be available for purchase at the fixed price of €19.99 / $19.99 / £19.99. A console release for PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One X/S will follow later. A console release for Nintendo Switch is being considered.

As the title suggests, this indie game is all about overcoming the insurmountable. Players must manage limited resources, find the optimal route, and face dangers to reach the top of the mountain. If killed by the elements, it's game over in roguelike fashion and the player has to face the challenge of the mountain all over again.

The deadly mountains in Insurmountable present players with extensive challenges. To successfully complete a run, a total of three mountains must be conquered, whereby the difficulty level increases from one mountain to the next and from one successful run to the next, over three difficulties: "Standard Mode", "Hard Mode", and "Insurmountable Mode". The highest difficulty level, "Insurmountable", does not forgive the slightest mistake, but on any difficulty level, a wrong decision can trigger a chain reaction that means the end of the respective run and a return to the first mountain. However, thanks to the procedurally generated mountains, no climb is the same as the previous one. The dynamic and ever-changing weather, different terrain, and the day-night cycle means that new hazards lurk around every corner.

Whether it's the lack of oxygen or energy, dwindling mental health, freezing winds, or attacking wildlife, in Insurmountable players must strategically think through each option to ensure their survival, find loot necessary for advancement, and ultimately conquer the mountain. The text-based events present players with real consequences; there are no second chances. Three individual characters with unique skill systems and special abilities provide different tactical approaches. Via the scoreboard, everyone can view their most successful runs and compete with their friends for the title of the best virtual climber.

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