THQ Nordic Establishes Ashborne Games, Developing New Historical Strategy / RPG IP

Ashborne Games - Studio's roots and activities

Hello and welcome!

It's my tremendous honor to introduce Ashborne Games and talk a bit about the studio's roots, along with the projects we are currently working on. Our roots are in Brno, in the heart of South Moravia, in the Czech Republic, where we are involved in game development for several years. In October 2020, we were formed under the THQ Nordic umbrella to be a part of new endeavors. As many hands make light work, we cooperate with our THQ Nordic family from Nine Rocks Games in Bratislava to help each other follow a similar game dev path. We love everything about gaming- from talking about them to developing them. Our experience ranges across several studios and genres, including action, adventure, puzzles, and strategic genres. Titles that our members have in their portfolio include Arma, Mafia, Silent Hill: Downpour, Shadowgun: Legends, Vigor Dex and Dark Train, Fish Fillets, and the UFO trilogy.

While we have experience with various game genres and free-to-play titles on consoles and mobile, our current focus is to deliver full-length games based on the premium business model. The team has already started laying the groundwork for a brand new IP. Since the concept is still in development, we can only give you guys a hint – it's going to be a historical Strategy with RPG elements. Before we hit full steam on the new title, we'll work on supporting Comanche in its early access phase by preparing a new single-player game mode which will roll out with Update 7. We have been working with Unreal Engine 4, and we believe that thanks to our team's expertise and the engine's advantages, we will be able to deliver products that meet and exceed our ambitions as a developer.

We want to create entertainment that players love and the team can be proud of. We seek to grow the Strategy / RPG genre by crafting GAMES that are:

• Gorgeous to behold.

• Authentic to visit.

• Memorable to experience.

• Enjoyable to play.

• Supported to stay.

While the current Covid situation makes it challenging for our workflow and creative processes, we look forward to working out of a newly renovated office in the heart of Brno.

Even virtually, we believe in building a creative, ambitious, and family-oriented work environment. To define our company ideals and motivations, we have established the ASH codex that guides the company's growth:

• Acknowledgment of everyone's diverse interests and creativity.

• Stability of projects and their ambitions.

• Honesty towards our community and across the THQN family.

As of March 2021, the Ashborne Family Tree now counts 38 team members across 11 departments, and we're still growing! We are looking for a handful of key positions, so feel free to check the careers page on our website or LinkedIn if you are interested in joining our family. You can expect more news about the team and its work in the future.

Stay safe and keep growing!