IO Interactive Opens Barcelona Studio

Announcing IOI Barcelona - A new studio in Spain

We are proud to announce the opening of a new studio in Barcelona, as part of our ambitious and exciting plans for expansion over the coming years.

The newly established studio will be known as IOI Barcelona and joins IOI Copenhagen and IOI Malmö as the third studio to work with our award-winning proprietary Glacier technology on all ongoing projects and universes; Hitman, Project 007 and an unannounced new IP.

All three of the IO Interactive studios are treated as Elite studios and will each make a significant impact to ongoing development and publishing efforts across all projects.

IOI Barcelona will be located in the city centre and the core team is already in place. They will focus on establishing a studio culture and environment that will attract top talent from around the world to help us to achieve own ambitious goals over the next few years and beyond.

All of our open jobs in Barcelona, Malmö and Copenhagen can be found on the IOI Careers page.

“There are exciting times ahead at IO Interactive and I am proud to announce the next step in our plans for the most desirable game company in Europe. IOI Barcelona will become the third studio to join our efforts to create phenomenal experiences for our players and communities,” said Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive.

“All three of our studios have extremely talented developers who are passionate and driven towards making an impact in our industry. A core part of our philosophy is that everyone at IOI has a significant and impactful role to play in realizing our dreams, regardless of where they’re located. Think of it as one studio, in multiple locations.”

Establishing IOI Barcelona is an integral part of IO Interactive’s plans for the coming years. With more to come from the Hitman universe, developing and publishing the first James Bond origin story and a brand new IP in active development, the future for IO Interactive is as exciting as it has ever been.